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Trait Primary Selection Pressure
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Low Merit
Avoid Extreme
High Merit
Number of lambs (born)
(Lamb) Survival
(Lamb) Growth
(Adult ewe size) Growth
Meat (Lean Yield)
Meat (Fatness)
Wool (Production)
Resistance (to internal parasites)
Tolerance (to Facial Eczema)
General Criteria
Ram Birth Year
Breed [see note below]
Genotype Specification
Genetic Vision

What do the search criteria do? (show/hide answer)

The search criteria are used to find superior animals and list flocks in which these occur. Superiority is defined based on the traits you select criteria for, the selection pressure you apply to these and whether the flock they are from is genetically connected for those traits. The number of animals matching your criteria are listed for each flock.

Guide to using FlockFinder (show/hide answer)


Initially, use few criteria then add more to get more focus in your search.

Start by selecting "Dual Purpose" or "Terminal Sire" type.

Select 1 or 2 "primary" traits and "low" selection pressure.

Select 0 to 3 other traits where you want to avoid extreme merit (high, low or both).

Select region in NZ where a flock may be located. Note that results are restricted to flocks in New Zealand.

More information is available in the printable Guide to using SIL-ACE eSearch - FlockFinder.

What does Genotype Specification mean? (show/hide answer)

NB: The breed names used in eSearch are based on information provided to SIL for flocks and for individual animals. While effort has been made to ensure accuracy, in some cases these may not be correct.

Genetic Vision is like "breed" but it accounts for the fact that some flocks are marketed based on a breeding strategy or brand and may have more than one breed in the background pedigree.
You cannot select multiple breeds for this variable. You must conduct separate searches for each breed you may be interested in.

Breeds in Pedigree allows you to specify which of several breeds may (or may not) be in the pedigree background of animals you are searching for.

What does the Trait selection pressure warning mean? (show/hide answer)

The trait selection pressure warning message will be displayed if the system thinks you may have selected too many traits with too much selection pressure.

Placing selection pressure on many traits usually finds fewer flocks with fewer animals. It is often best to start with few selection criteria then add more to subsequent searches to get more focus in your search.

Tick "Override trait selection pressure limit" to force the system to proceed with the query.

Search times out before giving you results? (show/hide answer)

If you have very few restrictions the eSearch engine will find so many animals that the search stops. Try adding some more criteria to focus your search more. Timeouts often occur if you select ANY for genetic vision and you apply no index or eBV trait thresholds.

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